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25 June 2015

AMS-IX Caribbean on the Agenda at MORE-IP 2015

Nico Scheper, Director Business Development at AMS-IX Caribbean, gave an update about the Caribbean Internet Exchange platform at MORE-IP 2015 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He explained during his presentation how the average download speed and Internet penetration improved in the Caribbean due to the presence of AMS-IX Caribbean. He also…

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01 June 2015

Looking back on LACNIC Peering Forum

Together with Google, Internexa and Netflix, AMS-IX Caribbean sponsored the LACNIC Peering Forum. This social event was held on May 21st in Lima, Peru. The event was a big success and will again be organized next year. 

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27 May 2015

Blogpost: Job Witteman - Building the Internet Together

Who remembers the war between Betamax and VHS? It was a period of intense competition when incompatible models of video recorders arrived on the consumer market. Betamax was the first and possibly also the best. It did however lose its battle in the competition against the VHS format, which was…

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