The Internet and all its applications have almost become part of our senses these days. Many of us feel the need to be online 24 hours a day, to be interconnected with friends, family, colleagues and customers, or with the world at large. This interconnectivity of people is fed by the interconnectivity of the networks they are using, which is the main purpose of AMS-IX Caribbean.

Since April 2013, the Caribbean Internet Exchange (CAR-IX) is an integral part of the AMS-IX environment and carries the name AMS-IX Caribbean. By being fully responsible for the management and operations of the peering platform, AMS-IX can coordinate all activities more closely, as a result work more efficiently and further contribute to the Internet ecosystem in the Caribbean area.

The change in management set-up follows after the technical operations contract expired between AMS-IX and CAR-IX. As AMS-IX already had experience with the deployment of another exchange in Hong Kong and as its name is a global brand that benefits smaller businesses, the CAR-IX Association decided to continue the relationship.

In 2008, AMS-IX used its successful business model formula to help found CAR-IX in cooperation with the running minister as well as Bureau Telecommunications and Post at the Dutch Antilles. While AMS-IX was responsible for operating the technical platform, the members of the CAR-IX Association were responsible for the strategic direction.