AMS-IX Organisation

The AMS-IX organization is not your straightforward type of company, it is built up carefully to reflect our neutral and independent environment. Find out about the organization structure, the Association, the Company and the team behind it.

Governance Structure

The current official legal entities of AMS-IX are the Amsterdam Internet Exchange Association and the limited corporation Amsterdam Internet Exchange B.V. Both are commonly referred to by the acronym AMS-IX.

As both legal entities are obliged by law to have two formal stakeholder meetings per year, the General Assembly of the Association and the Shareholders Meeting of the Corporation, AMS-IX combines these meetings into one.

The same principle applies to the Executive Board of the Association and the Supervisory Board of the Corporation. They consist of the same elected people and are simply called the Board.

The management of the corporation reports to the Board on a quarterly basis. The Board reports to the assembly/shareholders twice a year in the General Meeting (GM).

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Decision making process

The majority of decisions at AMS-IX Caribbean are made by the AMS-IX BV, the company, within the boundaries of the Association and/or Board approved annual and long term plans.

The annual plan and budget, as well as items outside of the scope relating to management control, are approved by the Board in Board Meetings. In these meetings the members of the Board and AMS-IX B.V. management (CEO, CTO, CMO and CFO) are present. The Board meetings act as both the Associations' Executive Board meetings as well as the Companies' Supervisory Board meetings. Board elections are held annually during the member/shareholder meeting for the 5 board seats. The election is on a rolling basis, each year one or more seats have to be (re)filled.

A General Meeting, in which all members have a seat, is held twice a year. Members are informed of strategic changes which are part of the AMS-IX companies' strategy. The strategy is detailed in an annually updated Long Term Strategic plan. The strategic plan has to be approved by the membership by a majority vote and is the main way to influence the decision making process. The other main voting item at the GM is the Board election. All members at AMS-IX have equal voting rights (on ASN/legal entity basis).

Since spring 2011 the AMS-IX company can add non-member customers who are customers of the Company, but are not members of the Association. Networks that are customers do not have a vote in the General Meeting, they do get services based on the same terms and conditions as members.