Historical Timeline

  • 1994
    Sylvie LaPerrière

    In the Science Park in Amsterdam a layer-2 shared infrastructure was formed between (academic) organisations to exchange traffic. In February 1994 it was internationalised to exchange traffic with CERN in Switzerland and other Internet Service Providers (ISPs) were allowed to connect.

    AMS-IX first mentioned in an email from Erik-Jan Bos (SURFnet) on 7 January 1994 to Ben Geerlings, Boudewijn Nederkoorn, Kees Neggers and Henk Steenman (current CTO at AMS-IX).

  • 1996
    The Way the Web Works
    An explanation

    AMS-IX located only at SARA. However, in an IEPG meeting in Los Angeles in March 1996 Erik-Jan Bos announced that NIKHEF will soon be added as a location to the AMS-IX.

    The IBR-lan at NIKHEF.

    Ibr Lan At Nikhef

  • 1997
    Boudewijn Nederkoorn
    SURFnet (1988-2007)

    Twenty connected ISPs and carriers found the AMS-IX Association. Founding members are: SURFnet, NLnet, AT&T EMEA, Unisource, BT, KPN Qwest, XS4All, Global One, Euronet, EUnet, Wirehub, Belnet, RIPE NCC, Demon, IXE/PSI, Telecom Finland, IBM GN, A2000, UUnet/MCI, GTS Europe (Ebone).

  • 1998
    Ted Lindgreen
    NLnet (1991-1998)

    The Multicast VLAN was implemented for test purposes and the first IPv6 tests were carried out.

    Highlights 1998

  • 1999
    Eberhard van der Laan
    Mayor of Amsterdam

    In the end of 1999 the migration from Cisco to Foundry (now Brocade) took place.

  • 2000

    The Association formed the AMS-IX limited company, AMS-IX B.V., and has since been holding all its shares. All assets were transferred to the company. SURFnet continued to manage the overall operations of the exchange, while technical management was subcontracted to SARA.

    Shareholder Register

  • 2001

    The operations management of the exchange was integrated into the AMS-IX Company. A professional NOC was formed.

  • 2002

    AMS-IX extended the platform to two other sites in Amsterdam: TelecityGroup AMS2 and Global Switch.

  • 2003
    Cara Mascini
    CMO AMS-IX (2003-2014)

    With 178 members at the end of the year, AMS-IX became the Internet exchange with the largest number of connected networks worldwide.

    Highlights Logo

  • 2004
    Alexandra Schless

    The platform was migrated from a ring to a double star topology.

    April 2004
    Introduction of Glimmerglass Optical Switches. AMS-IX became the world’s first Internet exchange to deploy photonic switches.

    October 2004
    The trunked Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet services were launched.

    First 10GE customer: Open Peering

    Highlights 2004

  • 2005
    C. Zwinkels & L. Rosenthal
    Founders OCOM

    Doubling of Internet traffic volume from 11 Petabyte to 26 Petabyte – Comparable with 43,3 CD-ROMS

    September 2005
    First European Peering Forum (EPF) in Frankfurt, Germany

    October 2005
    First Internet exchange to reach 100 Gb/s of peak Internet traffic

  • 2006
    Jan Paul Dekker
    Digital, RTL Nederland

    The GRX peering traffic between the mobile parties reached the level of the ISP peering traffic in 1997.

  • 2007
    Simon Hania
    Corporate Privacy Officer, TomTom

    Both core switches were upgraded to the MLX32

    AMS-IX expanded to a fifth location at euNetworks and relocated its core switches to this new location and the existing location at Global Switch

    Highlights 2007

    February 2007
    250 Gb/s of peak Internet traffic. Comparable to 38,000 books

  • 2008
    Nico Scheper
    AMS-IX Caribbean

    For the first time, IPv6 traffic peaked over 1 Gbps, making AMS-IX by far the largest IPv6 exchange point

    February 2008
    AMS-IX expanded to its sixth core location at the first Equinix data centre in Amsterdam

     Mvw1543 Small

    June 2008
    Setup of CAR-IX in Curaçao

    300 connected IP networks

    July 2008
    According to the ‘Amsterdamse Ontwikkelingsbedrijf’, AMS-IX creates directly and indirectly 50,000 jobs in Amsterdam

    October 2008
    500 Gb/s of peak Internet traffic

    Highlights 2008

    December 2008
    Introduction of the data centre audit

  • 2009
    Bastiaan Goslings
    Governance & Policy, AMS-IX

    The platform was migrated from a double star into a MPLS/VPLS topology. The new platform was introduced to increase stability and scalability, and to support the traffic growth in the following years. 

    2009 Infra

    May 2009
    AMS-IX expanded to its seventh location Interxion AMS5 in Schiphol Rijk. 

    October 2009
    2 Gb/s of IPv6 traffic

    Highlights 2009

    Introduction of the customer portal My.ams-ix.net

  • 2010
    Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten
    The Next Web

    March 2010
    Introduction reseller program

    September 2010
    365 connected IP networks

    Highlights 2010

    Exceeds 1 Tb/s of peak Internet traffic

    First AMS-IX extension location realised at TelecityGroup

  • 2011

    The MPLS/VPLS platform, implemented during 2009, allowed AMS-IX to develop new value adding services for its members and customers. In the beginning of June, during the first MORE-IP event, AMS-IX launched three new services: Inter-IPX, 100GE ports and a carrier grade SLA.

    Screen Shot 2013 10 24 At 10.56.28 Am

  • 2012
    Marco Bakker
    CFO AMS-IX (2007-2015)

    AMS-IX launched in cooperation with Hutchinson Global Communications (HGC) Internet peering platform AMS-IX Hong Kong and announced the building of a peering platform in Mombasa, Kenya in collaboration with the Kenya Internet Exchange Point (KIXP). 

    Ams Ix Hong Kong 3

    Four new PoPs were added to its technical platform in Amsterdam: Terremark, EvoSwitch, TelecityGroup AMS5 and Equinix AM3

    2013 Infra


    In addition to AMS-IX’s major infrastructure expansion, 2012 was again marked by three new records: 500 connected IP networks, 2 Tbps and 1,000 customer ports.

  • 2013
    Management Team (2014)

    March 2013

    King Willem-Alexander visited AMS-IX at Equinix AM3


    April 2013
    The Caribbean Internet Exchange (CAR-IX) became an integral part of the AMS-IX environment and was renamed AMS-IX Caribbean.

    Capacity Caribbean Job Small

    In the end of 2013, AMS-IX's newly-formed subsidiary AMS-IX USA Inc. reached definitive agreements with Digital Realty (NYSE: DLR), DuPont Fabros Technology, Inc. (NYSE: DFT), Sabey Data Centers and 325 Hudson in the New York/New Jersey area to build and operate a distributed Internet Exchange, named AMS-IX New York.

    December 2013
    Minister Kamp visited AMS-IX at TelecityGroup AMS5

    20131216 Bezoek Minister Kamp 1 Small

    Besides expansions abroad, AMS-IX also expanded internally. The AMS-IX B.V. appointed Mark Cooper as its Chief Commercial Officer and Onno Bos as its new Sales Director. Last but not least, AMS-IX exceeded 2.5 Tb/s of peak Internet traffic and 10 Tb/s of connected capacity.

  • 2014
    20th Anniversary

    2014 is the year of AMS-IX's 20th anniversary. We celebrated this anniversary during our annual MORE-IP event. 

    More Ip 2014

    April 2014

    Our customers and partners joined AMS-IX’s CEO Job Witteman and Amsterdam’s Mayor Van der Laan on a three-masted clipper in the Hudson river to welcome the first neutral and distributed Internet Exchange to open its doors in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area.

    Img 4391 Small

    September 2014

    AMS-IX broke the data transfer speed record of 3 Tb/s on September 14th. 

    A few days before the peak traffic record at AMS-IX in Amsterdam, AMS-IX USA Inc. opened the first Point-of-Presence (PoP) of AMS-IX Bay Area in Digital Realty's data center facility in San Francisco. 

    Job Bay Area Kooi Small

    October 2014

    AMS-IX USA Inc. opened the first PoP of AMS-IX Chicago in CME Group Cermak Hosting Facility in Chicago, IL.

  • 2015
    Saskia Poelman

    Twelve months after AMS-IX broke the data transfer speed record of 3 Tb/s, it again reached a new traffic record. In September 2015, AMS-IX’s peak traffic broke through the barrier of 4 Tb/s. Other records AMS-IX experienced in 2015 are the doubling of the number of ports with a larger capacity (100GE ports) and almost a trebling of the IPv6 traffic in the span of a single year: From 24 gigabits per second (Gbps) in 2014 to 68 Gbps in 2015.

    October 2015

    Since October 2015 the AMS-IX NOC has been collaborating with Quanza Engineering who provides 24x7 NOC-as-a-Service (qNOC) for the AMS-IX first-line support. The tasks of qNOC include active monitoring of the AMS-IX platform, filtering incoming tickets and responding to inbound phone calls.

    November 2015

    One of the most striking new partnerships forged in 2015 was the strategic agreement with ChinaCache. The goal of this partnership is to deploy the first Internet Exchange in China. 

    20151126 China Cache Signing Ceremony[4] Lowres

  • 2016
    AMS-IX & Megaport

    AMS-IX and Megaport announce strategic partnership for Next-Level Interconnection Services.

    Ams Ix Timeline Images Megaport Partnership

    AMS-IX expands its Amsterdam platform into Equinix AM6.

    Megaport customers can order AMS-IX US peering services via Megaport online portal.

    Megaport Elastic Cloud Interconnection Services become available at our US platform and can be ordered through the AMS-IX portal.

    AMS-IX Chicago welcomes its 20th connected party.
    AMS-IX selects Huawei’s Data Centre Interconnect solution for its backbone.

    Ams Ix Timeline Images Huawei Connect Event

    Photo: Aleksandar Mitrov (Business Development Manager at AMS-IX) and Henk Steenman (CTO of AMS-IX) with Huawei’s Executives during the Huawei Connect Event in Shanghai.

    20th connected party at AMS-IX New York.

    AMS-IX breaks through 5 Tbps ceiling.

    Ams Ix Timeline Images 5 Tbps Peak Traffic

    New Board of AMS-IX: Alex Bik (BIT), Mark Cooper (Megaport), Eric Loos (BICS) and Bart van der Sloot (LeaseWeb) are elected by AMS-IX members during our 46th General Meeting. Sylvie LaPerrière (Google) remains as Chair.

    Ams Ix Timeline Images New Board

  • 2017
    Jesse Robbers

    AMS-IX and Sify launch new Internet Exchange in Mumbai
    Ams Ix Timeline Images New Exchange India

    First implementation of the Brocade SLX 9850 switch hardware in the core of the Amsterdam platform

    AMS-IX expands its Amsterdam peering platform to Digital Realty’s Data Tower
    Ams Ix Timeline Images 13th Pop

    The Datacenter Group becomes AMS-IX 14th POP in Amsterdam Metro Area

    GRX peak traffic reached 80 Gbps. This significant growth was expected as new European roaming regulation became effective in June 2017, forcing Mobile Network Operators to abolish retail roaming charges within the EU. Read more about this topic here.

    Job Witteman leaves AMS-IX after 17.5 years of service as CEO
    Ams Ix Timeline Images Thank You Job

    Peak traffic at AMS-IX Chicago exceeds the 70 Gbps mark
    Ams Ix Timeline Images Chicago Peak 70 G