01 February 2018

Peter van Burgel appointed as CEO of AMS-IX

Peter van Burgel has been appointed as new CEO of the world’s largest Internet Exchange AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange) with immediate effect. He succeeds Job Witteman who stepped down from his position in October last year, after having successfully grown AMS-IX into the world leading role that it now occupies…

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10 January 2018

Best wishes from AMS-IX Caribbean

AMS-IX Caribbean kicked off 2018 with an informal drink to celebrate the start of the new year. 

This informal get together gave us the opportunity to catch up with our customers, resellers, data centre partners and government officials and discuss our 2018 plans.

We would like to thank…

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12 December 2017

AMS-IX Chicago: From 10 to 70 Gbps peak traffic in one and a half years

Blog by Phil Matte

Time moves swiftly and transportation has always been in the hearts and on the minds of the people of Chicago, “The City of Broad Shoulders”. Arguably, it can be tracked back to the early foundations of the city which started with the construction of…

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08 December 2017

AMS-IX Caribbean helps develop open & reliable “Curaçao Digital Port”

‘When it comes to bringing about high-speed internet in Curaçao, we provide an important added value’. It sounds so simple, but what Nico Scheper, director of AMS-IX Caribbean, has pulled off is a real tour de force, even though he remains very modest about it himself. ‘Our task is nothing

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04 August 2017

A new era for AMS-IX: founder and CEO Job Witteman leaves the company

After 17.5 years, Job Witteman will leave AMS-IX as of October 1st. Job Witteman, who was the founder of the world's largest internet exchange, will leave at the peak of development of the company, which again achieved 30% growth over the last year. The company also achieved a…

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28 June 2017

AMS-IX U.S. expands their footprint with connectivity of 130 PacketFabric locations

U.S. coast to coast coverage now available.

AMSTERDAM, 28 JUNE 2017 – AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange), one of the largest global internet exchanges, and PacketFabric, the highly scalable network-as-a-service platform and a member of the Nantworks ecosystem of companies, announce the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU)…

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19 April 2017

25% more IP traffic over the AMS-IX Caribbean Exchange

Willemstad. Curaçao. 21:45. The sun went down a couple of hours ago, but the air is still warm and humid. At a dark parking lot surrounded by sand coloured buildings we have just witnessed a new record. An internet traffic record to be precise. The solar panels on the buildings

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18 April 2017

Yearly customers and members survey results are in: AMS-IX scores an 8.4!

Each year, we conduct a survey amongst our members and customers to assess their satisfaction level with regard to AMS-IX. This year’s respondents were of more diverse nationalities than the previous years. This is in line with the increasingly international character of AMS-IX.

The overall performance score awarded by…

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06 February 2017

AMS-IX and Sify launch Carrier-Neutral Internet Exchange in Mumbai

New Internet Exchange Aims to Accelerate Internet Growth Throughout India.

AMS-IX and Sify today announced the launch of AMS-IX India, a carrier-neutral, open Internet Exchange (IX) in Mumbai, India.

“India is one of the world’s fastest growing internet markets,” explains Job Witteman, CEO of AMS-IX…

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02 February 2017

Events in the spotlight - CANTO

Earlier this week, Nico Scheper attended the CANTO’s 33rd Annual General Meeting & Mini Expo in Curacao. During this three-day meeting, Nico gave a presentation called "Internet Exchanges and Improving the regional Internet Performance". The presentation was well received and was in line with CANTO’s vision of shaping information communication…

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04 October 2016

Event in the Spotlight: Peering Forum at LACNIC 26

AMS-IX Caribbean again organized the Peering Forum at LACNIC together with Facebook, Google, Netflix and ISOC. The event was well attended and received. Coincidentally to the event, AMS-IX Caribbean reached a new peak internet traffic rate: 11.9 Gbps. 

Peering Forum Lacnic26 2

The organizers of the Peering Forum at LACNIC26

Img 4536

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21 September 2016

The Smart Nation Conference

Nico Scheper of AMS-IX Caribbean attended Smart Nation on September 8 and 9 in Curaçao. We also had a stand there to promote Curaçao as a potential digital hub in the Caribbean. 

The ultimate goal of a Smart Nation is to improve the quality of life through technology while simultaneously…

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08 June 2016

UTS Becomes First Reseller of AMS-IX Caribbean

AMS-IX Caribbean and UTS signed a Reseller Agreement enabling UTS to offer acces to the AMS-IX Caribbean platform from their data centre in Curacao. UTS is the first reseller that can offer connections to AMS-IX Caribbean. The agreement was signed by Job Witteman, CEO of AMS-IX and Danilo Zabala, CCO…

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06 May 2016

The 2nd Edition of The Caribbean Peering and Interconnection Forum (CarPIF).

The second edition of the Caribbean Peering and Interconnection Forum (CarPIF) was held in Willemstad, Curacao.

CarPIF is a unique forum providing participants with regional as well as global insights on how the Caribbean can maximize the opportunities for interconnection and peering between local, regional and international Internet Service…

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22 October 2015

AMS-IX Caribbean Showing Strong Growth in Peak Internet Traffic

AMS-IX Caribbean’s peak Internet traffic is growing strongly this year. In the previous months this traffic has increased by 41% from 6.6 Gb/s to 9.3 Gb/s. This is already much higher than the compound annual growth rate of 24% which Cisco has forecasted in its Visual Networking Index for Internet…

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