Other Pricings

Annual payment - 3% discount

AMS-IX Caribbean gives customers the option to choose for annual payment of the monthly port charges in which case they receive a 3% discount. Annual payment can start on the beginning of any month and will be extended automatically every year until requested otherwise by the customer. As with the quarterly invoices, the payment term for annual charges is 30 days from the invoice date (as listed on the invoice). Since the discount is only applicable on annually paid charges, any changes made in the running year have the following effects:

  • Changes that result in increased charges will generate a separate invoice (including the 3% discount) for the difference over the remainder of the 12-month period. After that, the annual payment will include the upgraded charges (and the 3% discount).
  • Changes that result in decreased charges will result in a credit of the discounted charges. This included the case where AMS-IX Caribbean decreases port charges.

(For disconnects in the running year, the non-applicable discount is subtracted from any credit.)

Just to clarify further, the annual payment should not be seen as a credit account or "bucket of money" from which the charges are financed until empty (and then triggering a new invoice).